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Welcome to Nearme locator. We provide a lot of information about any business/place/establishment/tools/store/etc near to your location. All you have to do is simply just use your finger or mouse and click on anykind of business/thing you want to find. we provide 2 different search method.
  1. Search by Location
    To search based on location, you can choose a state (in USA), and then choose the city or town and you will find any business avalaible in the city/town
  2. Maps search (Recommended)
    By using maps search you can simply search any kind business close to any location in the world.

1. Search By Location

By using this 'Search By Location' feature, you will be required to choose a State, a City/Town and a business type/category.

Choose a State:

By using 'Maps Search' feature, you can find any business/place/establishment everywhere in the world. to start using this feature, click on 'maps search' button below.

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